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Well, thanks to all o' ya-ll, I figured it out. As of 12/23 it's all sealed back up nice and tight. That's what this Board is all about--providin' reliable info. THANKS!
PS--the results are on the last post.
Weird name for a topic, huh? Well, you know how the hood sorta rests on some lightweight metal framework? Kinda of a grid to give it rigidity. The sheet metal of the hood is sorta bonded to the grid with dabs of some sort of sealant/glue or whatever you want to call it. On our '87, those globs of whatever are still working just great. On the '88, practically all of them are toast and the sheet metal of the hood real loose. So, I am wondering how to use some "wonder chemical" to re-seal the hood metal to its support grid.

I have been thinking of ordinary silicone. Also thought of that weird home foam that people shoot into various leaks and cracks. Was thinking of maybe filling the grid channels with the foam just enough so that when it expands it kinda holds the hood's sheet metal taut. I'd probably think about JB Weld but that would be real expensive in that quantity. Maybe I should stop by a body shop and pick their brains but the body shop guys around here have never really been very helpful so I dunno about that one.

Well, just a "pop quiz" for Sunday morning for you gurus!

Hope your Holiday Season is progressing merrily and hope you find just the right lift shackles, t-case gears or Weber carb under your tree.

Have a great day!


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3M 5200 Marine sealant, clean, degrease and apply.

Really strong and stays soft enough so it won't break with the vibrations...

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THANKS!--just what I needed!

OK--THANKS!!!---That's exactly what I needed. Once you know the "buzz words," you can kinda navigate your way through a jobber's shop. I know just the place to go when we visit the in-laws in Mesa again soon. Now that I know what to ask for, I'm "sitting pretty in tall clover!"



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Auto body seam sealer price shopping

Well, once you all provided the "key words" for my search, I just had to start shopping. Making phone calls and what not. Shoot, even the foo-foo home decorating place had seam sealer. They only wanted $18 a tube for it. Cool.

There's 3 NAPA's in our neck of the woods. Two NAPA guys said, "Ain't got it, gotta order it."

The third was goin' in the same way when one of the counter guys reached down below the counter and said, "Like you mean THIS!" WHOA!

And they only charged me $6 including tax for it. It is NAPA #4323 and here's the specs:

Contents: calcium carbonate, toluene, themoplastic rubber, titanium dioxide, quartz, hydrous aluminum silicate

photochemically reactive solvent

Contains 254 grams of VOC per liter

Manufactured by the Martin-Senour Co, Cleveland, OH 44115

NAPA Part #4323 Seam Sealer Black

11 oz per caulking tube

Trust me, it's stinky stuff--wear a mask. With that much VOC and toluene being the 2nd ingredient, this stuff is HEAVY DUTY! Watch out for your health. Be careful.

But, anyway, I bought a plastic putty knife and knifed off all the old putty and decided to first caulk the old spots and then, just for grins to caulk all of the inside and outside of the grid seams below the hood. I used the entire tube of stuff just on the hood.

Soooo...let's just hope it works! Anyway, thanks for your help and advice. Belive me, I am not one person who asks for advice and then doesn't take it--when I get advice, I take it. A-S-A-P!

THANK YOU and Happy Holidays!

John Parsons
Rimrock, AZ
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