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So, has anybody bought the ransher yet? How is it? Alot better than the Fourtrax 300?
I`ve already read all the things on the net about it and stuff, but I wanna know what the people
who bought it think of it.

,Tim ThreeWheelio Warburton
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I am about to get one. I'll let you know.


I have a Rancher ES (2 wheel drive). No comparison to the the 300. Faster, better, smoother, turns sharper, like the electric shift, full floor boards, extra wide fenders, fuel gage, instrument panel. I think it's a great bike. I also have a recon... For the money.. the extra few bucks is well spent on the Rancher.

Personally.. I like the 2 wheel drive, but then.. I already have a 4 wheel drive with my Sportsman500. So don't have a reason for a 2nd 4wheel drive. But I drove the 4 wheel drive... it just steer heavier, doens't seem as nimble. And I didn't check.. but doubt that it turns near as sharp.

Good luck.

I'm considering the Honda Recon, Yamaha Beartrack, Polaris Trainblazer, and Kawasaki Bayou.
Any recommendations as this is my first ATV. I've been a motorcyclist for over 35 years and am
looking for something to do trail riding in the midwest. Not many hills or sand but plenty of mud in spring and fall.
Any info is appreciated.
Antioch, Il

i do not have one but i have a friend that has one and another friend who has a 450 honda with vanpires all the way around. and the rancher has pulled the fourman out more than once. so i think it is a good choice.

On the other end of the stick, I ride a 450ES, and my friend has a new 4X4 Rancher ES. Last weekend, I had to push him through some deep water/mud, and also winch him up a hill that I had no problem climbing. It could have been due to rider inexperience though. Regardless, the Rancher is still a nice machine.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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