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Shackles made out of 3/8" steel plate. Rear bumper made out of a machine frame I got from my company and cut up all the steel, drilled holes in it, and mounted it to the jeep, along with a swing-away tire and hi-lift carrier made from the same frame, drilled-out rear yoke that accepts u-bolts to hold in the ujoint instead of the bad strap-and-bolt design, little horseshoe clips that screw to the dash that hold my flashlight, nice machine-quality vacuum gage that now resides under the hood, permanently mounted (free), old garden hose that acts as great protection for battery cables, etc., etc....

Keep thinkin' - stuff is cheap!

88YJ, 4"susp, 33"BFGMT, 9k#winch, rear homemade swingout, reb.258, 999, 4.10, weber32/36, GMHEI.
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