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Home Made Sway-Bar disconnects

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I am looking for some ideas on fabricating my own sway bar disconnects, I have seen a few articles before but can't seem too find them now. Thanks for any input.

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Don't know about the disconnects, but I noticed you were from Austin. Where do you wheel? Are you a member of any clubs? Send me an e-mail when you have time.


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While this works on Rangers, I have no idea about Jeeps yet (haven't had the time to do it on the Jeep nor look). Basically, you are replacing the bolts with tine pins, washers and hitch pins. NOTE: You can use basically anything grade 5 or higher that is a bit smaller in diameter than the original bolts and can use typical cotter pins vice hitch pins.

Remove the bolts that connects the front axle to the Sway Bar arms. Put one washer on each tine pin and position them where the bolts were. Put the remaining washers on the exposed end of the tine pin and put the hitch pin in the innermost, exposed hole in the tine pin.

Then, while off-roading, push the swaybar up out of the way. I did rub a bit off road with this setup at full lock on my Ranger. Hope this works and wasn't a waste of everyone's time

I made these for my toyota, but I am sure with a few slight changes you could easily build them for just about any application. Go to my site from the link below and check the Tech Info section. Hope this helps,

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