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Pulled the carb.of the 258 today
Prev. owners choice
Re[placed with 32/36
Have 2 sets of #s and was wondering if you could tell me about the unit
Its a Holley 2 bbl.

# in the airhorn is 7448-1
# in the top of carb. is 6F1919B

If you can id. the carb for me that would be great, thanks

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Well, here is the answer...
Now I guess I just wait for those guys that contradict everything I say.
Let's see how many flames I get on this one...

List 7448-1
(Two Barrel Universal Replacement)

Model 2300
CFM 350
ReNew Kit 37-1536
Trick Kit 37-933
Primary Needle & Seat 6-504
Secondary Needle & Seat N/A
Primary Main Jet 122-61
Secondary Main Jet or Plate N/A
Primary Metering Block 134-203
Secondary Metering Block N/A
Primary Power Valve 125-85
Primary Discharge Nozzle .031
Secondary Spring Color N/A
Primary Bowl Gasket 108-83-2
Primary Metering Block Gasket 108-89-2
Secondary Bowl Gasket N/A
Secondary Metering Block Gasket N/A
Secondary Metering Plate Gasket N/A
Primary Fuel Bowl 134-103
Secondary Fuel Bowl N/A
Throttle Body & Shaft Ass. 12R11070A
Primary Venturi Diameter 1-3/16"
Secondary Venturi Diameter N/A
Primary Throttle Bore Diameter 1-1/2"
Secondary Throttle Bore Diameter N/A

I hope this helps YOU Chu. Later on, Aaron.

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