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Holley floats

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I'm in the process of improving the offraod performance of my Holley 350cfm 2bl. I've re-read all the posts on the topic, but one thing I'm not clear on, is which type float to use...side hung or center hung..or is there a difference ? I thought this had been answered before, but darned if I can find it.

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The center hung float/center fuel inlet float bowls, flow the best. Probably not a concern on a Jeep, mostly a race car thing where you must flow lots of fuel over a short period of time. You are limited on the type of float to use, depending on the type of float bowl. ie. you cant put a center hung float in a float bowl that is a side fuel inlet. Hope this helps!

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The above is correct...

You will have to change float bowls to change floats.
Generally, side pivot works better for off camber applications, but the side pivot bowls don't flow as much fuel unless you use dual inlets on them, like the center pivot bowls already have. You don't have that concern, you have a 2 bbl.

Side pivot float bowls have more 'rounded' floats, so they take off camber situations better.
If your jeep uses an intake that turns the float bowl facing the drivers finder, use jet extension tubes. When the jeep tilts to the drivers side, the fuel will run away from the jets, and lean out the engine. Extent ions will help stop that.

Center pivot floats are long, and bar shaped, and when the fuel climbs the side of the float bowl, it uncovers half of the float, and the float looses half of it's lift.
That results in the float not being able to keep the needle and seat closed, and the jeep flooding out...

Fuel volume usually isn't a concern in an off road vehicle unless you are racing.
Fuel CONTROL is the big concern when you are at an idle in some tight spot or leaning real hard...

Use 6-513 needle and seats (off road, 'spring loaded' type)
Knock your fuel pressure back to about 4 or 4.5 lbs.
Set your float about 1/16" low.
Make sure your power valve is correct for your application.
(around 3 to 5 inches lower than your normal low vacuum while city driving. I usually set them up at 4 to 5 inches lower)

The last thing you want is the power valve opening and flooding the engine when you have it in a tight spot and the engine is already trying to stall...
This is exactly opposite to drag racing, so don't let the speed shop guy tell you different.

Get me the list numbers off of the front of the choke air horn, and I'll give you your factory specs and information...

Later dude, and good luck!

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I already have the needle and seat etc ordered and I have one of each kind of fuel bowl lying around the shop, just wasn't sure which to use. Sounds like I will go with the side hung. Thanks for the info

since you are going to have the bowl off, you may also want to add a vent whistle. the pn i have is 59bp-91, but this may have changed. this will help fuel from ending up down the throat of the carb. extending the pitot tube will help as well, but dont restrict it or you will have problems.

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