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Holley carb question ???

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Is it possible to put a set of tubes over the holes that spill into the barrels?This would keep the carb from flooding at angles and also provide the ability for carb to work properly????? I guess the tubes can be some sort of metal or a good fuel resistant hose. They could go up a little higher than they do now. Say 3" higher maybe? I do know you got to attach them so there is NO way they could fall into the carb.I do not think lowering the fuel level in the bowl is a good solution for me, as I do not want to starve my engine of fuel. Or, is this not possible? Bad idea? Please give me some input. Thanks

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you can do that, but i would install a vent whistle in the front bowl and a screen in the rear. you should also install offroad needle and seats.

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We have used everything from spark plug boots to aluminum tubing to extend the float bowl vent tubes.
The only rule is they have to be 3/4" from anything. If you get them closer than 3/4" for say, the air cleaner lid, the airflow that follows the air cleaner lid will draw on the tubes.
We have made an arch out of rubber hose that slipped over the vent tubes, and put a large 'Tee' at the top to vent from.
If you run a very tall air cleaner, you can slip fuel line over the vent tubes, and clamp it to the air cleaner stud 3/4" from the Lid.
Hope this helps...

P.S. If you float bowls are flooding over in off camber situations, have you tried the Holly 6-513 off road needle and seat? Dropping your fuel pressure to about 4 lbs, and lowering your float level about 1/16"?
All will help the situation you describe, along with using extended float bowl vent tubes.

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The 60-513 needle and seat assembly along with an adjustable fuel pressure regulator should solve your problem. I set my float as low as possible. My jeep used to be a disaster, but I can now run with any injected jeep.
Good Luck

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