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Hey people!

first of all, glad to be here and look forward to getting some positive feedback from everybody!
About 6 months ago I bought a 1990 dodge dakota sport-4x4-5 speed,3.9L
Turns out the old owner dropped an 1987 3.9L down in it. He also installed a holley 390 cfm 4 bbl
carb with a mopar 4bbl intake. The truck drove pretty good, but the carb was on the way out, so here's where
I am right now...
There was no mechcanical fuel pump installed on the engine. The guy had the 90 in-tank pump disconnected (un-plugged),
There was a carter electric pump mounted below the tank on the rail....followed it up to a small filter, then the hose
right to the carb! (the return line was plugged with a rubber plug). I decided to bring it to my mechanic (friend),
and see what he thought! He got rid of the carter pump, installed the proper mechanical fuel pump, and another little
filter.(when i look under the hood I noticed the return line was unplugged, and he had both fuel lines heading over to the mechanical pump)
He also installed a new timing chain for me. So when he pulled it over it started great, ran pretty nice,
but it was whaling out smoke from the exhaust (burning rich). After less then 5 mins of running, fuel started pouring out of the top
of carb! My mechanic then adjusted my float levels...still doing the same thing! Bought a holley trick kit & floats. rebuilt everything,
popped it back on....still doing the same thing!! My mechanic is now out of town for a few months, and I'm so fustrated with it
out in my driveway!! I ended up selling the carb and buying a brand new one!! Was tired of messing it! I'm going to pick up a
B&M analog fuel pressure gauge to install. And also I picked up a dead head style regulator.....but now i"m concerned that it won"t work
being that the return is going back to the tank! Told i need a bypass/deadhead style? This regulator has the base reading "in" and the
left and right side reading out. (will this work??) The new mechanical pump is for the carbed it shouldn't put out that much psi!
Pretty much don't wanna install the new carb....being that i'm a afraid I'll mess it up! This is all new to me, so I apoligize if all this
doesn't make sense!

Hope someone can help!
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