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I've got a Holley 390cfm, electric chock, vacuum secondary carb on the V-6 (edelbrock intake)
every once in a while a little piece of dirt (a single grain of sand sometimes) prevents the secondaries from closing. this of course causes a rather large increase in idle RPM's. also i just have an idle that sometimes is 100 or 200 RPM' higher than the normal warm idle (i've set it at 650 with my automatic in gear)
so, this is bad for another reason, it affects my slow driving braking,(like sitting still) and it's not as strong as i'd like either/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

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How is the sand getting into your carb?
Sand will not affect the outside linkage, so you have to be talking about inside the carb.
It is a vacuum secondary, so the only way for sand to be holding the secondaries open is to be fouling the passage between the venturi bore and the vacuum cannister.
How did sand get in there!?! What have you been using for an air cleaner? Have you used an air cleaner?

Do your self and us a favor, REBUILD THE CARB NOW!!
If you have sand in the internal ported vacuum system, you have sand everywhere!
Tear down and clean the carb thoroughly!!!
Reassemble to stock specs, and get a really good, large air cleaner.
Contact me when you have that done, and I'll help you tune the carb to your vehicle.

If you don't rebuild the carb, you are going to be plagued by mystery problems and be posting here a bunch.
You will also just be wasting your time and our time.
Holley carbs only require two things to operate trouble free for years, clean fuel, and clean air.

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