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Holler Crawlers 2009 Event Schedule

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Hey everyone, hope yall are having a great holiday season. I wanted to let everyone know that the Holler Crawlers Off-Road club would love to show you around the backwoods of Bell County, KY in 09. We are located on the KY-TN-VA state line, in the shadow of the famous Cumberland Gap. We have a developing park in Wilderness Trail Off-Road park, a 9,000 acre, free to ride park. Our club also gives on and off park guides for free. If youve not rode here yet, come see what all the buzz is about. Yamaha is providing us with over $30,000 to get our park ready for summer and fall of 09.

We're excited to announce in 09 the Holler Crawlers and the Harlan County Ridge Runners will host the first annual Harbell Cross County Ride weekend, where riders can start at the famous Black Mountain Park in Evarts and ride all the way to Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park in Bell County for a weekend of riding, camping, fishing tournaments at our many ponds, music, food, ATV events and hopefully vendors.

If youre not able to come to any of the scheduled rides you can just shoot us an email at [email protected] or visit hollercrawlers - and we can arrange a free guided ride.

Hope to share some trails with yall in 09. Merry Christmas from the Holler Crawlers.
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