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Hole/Leak in Intake...Help!

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Well I had just put my exhaust manifold back together, started up the 304 and it still sounded like it leaked. I checked the gasket/valve between the manifold and the exhaust pipe and it was leaking. Took it off covered it in RTV (I know, not a great fix but it was cold and late). Started up again and still sounded bad. I found the leak, it is coming from a "hole" at the back of the intake manifold. I can fit my hand between the manifold and firewall and can feel a huge pulses of air coming from a small (about 1/4" or so) hole in the back of the manifold, right below the EGR valve. I don't know if this should be plugged. Have sometype of hose or anything else attached to it. I can't find anything in the FSM. Or did I get a hole punched in there some how. Any ideas on what this is or how I can plug it? Please help, I can't handle not having my Jeep on the road.

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There are actually two holes there. But one must be pluged. Both should be pluged. I can't imagine why one of the holes isn't pluged. Go to any Hipo shop with the size of the plug or check your local plumbing place Lowes, HD. if you can reach it take the other plug with you to compare the size. You will need a allen wrench to remove it. I believe they are the same size. Just put the plug in the orignal empty hole to match.

Thanks, I'll check this out. I guess the plug came loose somehow, somewhere since this is a new problem, it must have been there before. later, rich

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