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hmmm...interesting thing at NAPA

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I called NAPA to get a quote on a Blazer heater motor to put in my CJ-7. They quoted me around $18. SO I go in there today at lunch ask for the motor and the price was $48. I asked if they had rebuilt ones and the parts guy said no, but they had import. So I aksed him to get one of the import one so I could compare them. Here's where it get interesting...
I pulled them both out to compare and they were EXACTLY the same. They both had a Seimans label on them and both said made in Mexico. I looked through the little vent hole and the winding on the motors looked exactly the same.
i said to the counter guy "these look EXACTLY the same." And he said "they will." So I choose the $18 "import" one and left.
So...did he mistakenly grab the same product twice, or is it a scam to try and sell you the more expensive "non-import" model first?

Dan 84 CJ-7,Weber,HEI. 95 ZJ,V8.
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that happens alot you call and get on price then go to pick it up and it is a whole lot more than they said. Usually when the part is exactly the same it has some kind of warranty where the cheaper doesn't. A perfect example of this is pep boys roomate needed one for his t-bird, no warrenty $25, 1 year $30, 5 year $40, lifetime $50...exactly the same part

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The warranty is a possibility, but the counter guy never mentioned it and he very clearly stated one was domestic and one was import, althought they both clearly stated made in Mexico. I'm just curious if this is standard practice at NAPA or other parts places...maybe I can save myself and others a few $$ if so. A $30 difference in price for the SAME product seems a bit rediculous to me.

Dan 84 CJ-7,Weber,HEI. 95 ZJ,V8.
NAPA is just following the automakers. $30 difference between 2 identical parts? The only difference between Toyota's LandCruiser and Lexus' SUV is the price you're gouged (and that's only one example).
"A fool and his $$$......."

just becuase I'm having a slow day at work...
I understand your Toyota/Lexus analogy, but at least they have different "labels." I'm talking two IDENTICAL items with the same brand name sticker clearly visible on them. With the NAPA guy telling me one is an import for $18 and the other is domestic for $48. That is complete BS and poor business practice in my opinion. I've always had good luck with NAPA and I'd hate to think that is how they do business.
If you don't ask for the "import" part you get screwed for $30 more for an identcal $18 item?

Dan 84 CJ-7,Weber,HEI. 95 ZJ,V8.
i here you.. most places can pull every part and show you.. and tell you the differences in them with that screen. but i do agree.. that is poor business tactics.

yep.. its the jeepgod..
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