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Before anything i just want to say i dont plan on going truly off road.

I gotta get that out of the way cause i also know all4 on a car is not the same as 4x4.

That said - I have a 2018 JCW Countryman Mini Cooper. It has a 2.5 inch lift kit, skid plate, 2in rear hitch, bullbars on the front with lights. Racks on the top. Wildpeak A/T tires

It has 230 HP, 260ft/lbs torque, 8.7in clearance, and weighs in at 3.6k lbs. because its a jcw its got the big ol brembo breaks and a number of other conveniences :)

I have a small teardrop trailer (5x8 design by wander tears) weighing in at 1200 lbs, dry. and yes, it has electronic braking. before you ask, the countryman is good for up to 2400lbs assuming the trailer is braked, meaning i come in well under the largely recommended 70% of tow cap.

I just spent 2022 travelling around the nation pulling that with my 2x4 F150. the f150 only has 200 hp, the same torque, 8.2in of clearance but weighs a thousand lbs more.

We got into some interesting situations with the truck and trailer but ultimately it was not a comfortable tow vehicle and a real pita when we got into town from the woods.

So here i am, with my mini cooper, and i'm sure some of you will at the very least raise eyebrows. :p And thats ok. i'll leave climbing up rocks and over cliffs for the boys that have the right rig for it. i just want to get in and out of the woods again, up in the alpines but again, not truly off the road, and know that'll be comfortable even if i gotta dick around a bit to get back out safely again.

ok. so. now that that parts over with, i gotta make a plan to put a winch on the front of this thing :p

i hope the link works.
Font Map Auto part Aviation Aircraft

This is the front carrier i got to work with. part 9 is the bumper carrier itself, where the tow hook mounts to (in line with frame rail with the 3 on it). My bullbars mount to the braces labeled 3 and down underneath to a cross member that goes between those frame rails. i don't trust them to mount the winch to, though i might tie into them for additional support.

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This diagram provides a bit of additional context. Part1 is the same carrier from part 9 in the last diagram. Part 2 is the 'shock absorber' for the bumper, andobviously will need to be 'modified' to allow mounting structures to it.

Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Grille Automotive lighting

Vehicle Hood Car Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

these two photos should provide a bit extra context as well, you can see the diagonal bracing in the second, while the first provides a bit of context for the build itself.

With all this material, what i hope to do is mount a 2 in reciever tube to the front of the car, behind the front licenseplate, and make a modular winch solution. This way i can locate the winch front or back. My trailer also has 2in recievers front and back, and some beefy lifepo4 batteries i made to run it. I'm looking at larger alternators for the car to avoid impacting the factory unit

i'm looking at either:


To do the work.

The smaller of the 2 is shy of the "double GVWR" suggestions i find on many threads about sizing a winch, but is half the weight of the second. both fit inside my bullbars. ideally i'd fabricate up a mount sitting on a 2in tube to make it modular.

I'm looking for suggestions/advice/insights/tips and even criticism (please just try to make it constructive).

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oh, dawns on me i forgot to post a picture of the car i'm working with.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Car

I've gotten racks, hitch, bars, and skid plate on it since. i still gotta put the lift, wildpeaks and lighting on :)

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i have a dialog going on a couple other spaces:

this winch is closer to the 7200 double the gvwr, while still being a smaller form factor. i get away from the badlands winch brand which isn't as ideal based on my research but i genuinely hope never to have to use this thing lol.

We're also discussing the use of one of these, chopped and modified to have a 2in receiver tube on it instead, as a foundation for the winch itself. Its designed to let you tow the car behind a camper, and therefore is clearly rated to transfer all those forces to the vehicles frame for doing so.

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I can't speak to the strength of the mount, however, things to consider on your application is how much weight you will add and if you will be stuck with the trailer. It is generally considered best to error on the side of caution and go with the larger size. Even though the small winch should do you well if you are equipped for a double line pull for tough situations. Another idea would be to use a receiver hitch mount. You said you had one front of car and back of trailer. Often it is very desirable to pull out backwards. You could store it in the camper when not in use.
Hope this helps. Safe travels.
hiya Randoid!

i have 2in recievers front and back of the little 5x8 trailer camper and one in the back of the car, already.

I'm contemplating how to add one to the front of the car for no other reason than have a hitch reciever mounted winch, so that i can option which way to pull.

I know its weird the front of my trailer has a reciever - i made it so the tongue assembly disconnects so its harder for the camper to get pulled away when i might not be there with the car - the gf and i like to leave base camps on hikes and such regularly.

doubling the line doubles my pull power, if i'm not mistaken? snatch blocks and all that.

If i have a reciever front of the car i could also just store the winch up there - if nothing else a mini cooper with a winch on the bumper going down the road will be cool in of itself :p doubly so if its functional. hahaha.
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