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History lesson-Tuxedo Park MK IV???

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Guys what can you tell me about a white CJ5 that was wearing "TUXEDO PARK MARK IV" badges on it. I think it was a 67 or 68. It had a hard top. What are these things worth if anything over and above any other CJ5. Is it collectable??

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From what i have heard about this jeep is that is was the "luxury" model for jeep. It had the V6 engine. Chrome hubcaps, and alot of other chrome pieces. I heard there wasn't that many made, but i see alot for sale on the BBS's. It would be a need jeep to get ,because it is the first "luxury" type 4x4 vehicle. The most rare is the CJ6 Tuxedo park, that is one i would like to get my hands on.
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Didn;t they just have a write up on them in JP magzine????????????????????????????

it was the beginning of the laredo style design. it was only made a couple years. basically it was alot of chrome and fancy seats. would it be worth more than a plain. About $10 more. You not going to make money off of it. beside a jeep is design be drove through the woods and over rocks and in the mud. If you can buy it cheap, Ok but its no better than any other jeep.

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My dad has a '65 Tuxedo Park. I has a 225V6 (originally a F-Head), T90 with column shift, Model 18, Ramsey PTO, with a wide drum Ramsey winch, Dana 27A in front, Dana 44 with a Powerloc and 4:27 gears, Chrome front and rear bumpers, chrome hood hinges, chrome hood latches a 2/3 split bench seat, and 15" rims with Jeep hubcaps. It is really cool, and highly desired. Have fun!

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