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Highlife Man

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Has anyone seen the new Miller High Life ad with the SUV?

It said something like, "the highlife man know a station wagon when he sees one", as he looks at silver typical looking midsized SUV.

I thought it was pretty funny and sums up my attitude on the sudden popular SUV market.

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Sad isn't it? I actually heard somewhere that DC is looking into a 2WD Wrangler in the near future. Now that will be a really sad day =(

I had to laugh when I was reading the classified and saw the headings of "auto", "trucks", "SUV", and "JEEPS". That is the way it should be. We really are in a class of our own!

Think they need to rethink why people buy Jeeps. I can't imagine a waste of space like a 2WD wrangler. Let those people buy Geo Trackers or something else...

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They built a 2 wheel drive down-sized Cherokee also. I had to put a trans mount in one. Talk about a pain to get parts for. Funny thing was, the lady didn't even realize it was 2 wheel drive. Tells you something about the suv market. Nickmil.

I met a guy who KNEW a guy whose COUSIN bought a 2WD '97 Grand Cherokee. Of course if the truth were know, MANY if the SUVs never get off the pavement, and if they did the owners have NO IDEA how to use them. We see this constantly up here in the snow. They have NO IDEA................. they just wanted a cool SUV. Heh heh

There is an historical precedent to a 2WD Short wheelbase Jeep. Arthur Warn was a Willys dealer in the Seattle area during and after WWll. He got his start in the after market business selling 2WD conversion kits for Willys MBs. Believe it or not.

There were many DJ 2WD Jeeps built, as well.

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Yeah I remember a gal I work with who told me she got rid of her front-wheel-drive car in favor of a Cherokee, so it'd go better in the snow. So, I went out and looked at it - 2WD /wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif. OOPS! Here's another one for you. My wife saw this one first & I didn't believe her, but there used to be a guy around here with a LOWERED YJ. Not just with those wide rims & stretched out low-profile tires. He actually had blocks under the axles & above the springs to LOWER it. Maybe this isn't too shocking in CA, but in a Midwestern town of 11K, it stuck out like a sore thumb. Same YJ now has 33's - Much better, thanks!


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