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High oil pressure

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Have extremely high oil pressure reading on my '90 YJ. Have changed the oil pressure sending unit twice w/ similar results. Now I have developed an oil leak somewhere around the right motor mount (hopefully just the oil pan gasket). Question - do I have abnormally high oil pressure (80psi ) or just the chronic oil pressure gauge problems normal on jeeps.

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You might try to find an inexpensive mechanical oil pressure guage, and drive around with this taped to your windshield wiper, or somewhere like that, to verify the oil pressure...


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Just to let u know I have been driving around with 80 psi on my gauge for a couple years you said probably the chronic Jeep oil pressure gauge problem.

A guy I work with had this problem in his 4-banger YJ. One day it split the side out of the oil filter. He
was near a Walmart and bought a filter and oil and replaced the filter and refilled it with oil and headed
home. Within a couple of miles, it did it again. He's not a mechanic so he took it to a shop. They
said it was the bypass valve but that's not supposed to function unless the filter is clogged.

I had a leak on the right side as well, traced it to the fuel pump gasket.
A lot cheaper than a new oil pan gasket, check it first.

Ron R. - 90 YJ w/OME
Hey CJDave!!!!!! Here's another one of the lucky ones with TOO MUCH oil pressure (with hands cupped yelling across the shop)/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif. My money's on the gauge. It is possible, but rare, that the bypass is seized......if it was you should see a fairly normal hot idle oil pressure that gets progressively higher as rpms increase. Although designs vary, this is essentially what a High Pressure oil pump is .......a regular oil pump with stiffer springs on the bypass. The condition that CJTaz describes was a real problem for the 70 (I think not sure on the years here) Boss 302 Mustang and the 70+1/2 302 Camaro (I think it was a 302 ..327block283crank when they switched to the "open bass mouth" grill).......they both were prone to blowing out the oil filters. Fram developed the PER1 and PER2 for these applications .....they were "bulletproof" and good to over 100psi.
Go with a mechanical or another electric hung under the dash........once you've figured out that the gauge is bad.....replace it for looks if you're so compelled.

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Upon driving into work this morning I noticed that the oil pressure gauge was reading in excess of 80psi. I have a 4cyl 1995 YJ with about 25k miles. I was wondering if you have been able to correct the problem and if so what was the cause. My YJ seems fine at idle but as soon as I accelerate the gauge reads 80 psi. I recently purchased this vehicle used and have no idea of the previous owners diligence to maintenance. Any help would be appreciated.

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