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HI! I'm new!

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I guys! I'm Davide and I'm writing from Italy, north Italy. My english is no the best... but I'll try to do better that I can.

I've a Defender 90 TD5 my 2005 whit rear Maxi Drive kit (the strongest Australian kit composed by diff, semiaxle and flange). I've built a particular kit by using soft coil springs and long Shock Absorber that give me a good excursion:
Val d'Isere agosto 2006: DSCF4050

In this moment I've mount a BFG Mud tires 285/75 R16. A specific map for the chip motor , exhaust by pass and K&N filter give me about 160 HP and 400 Nm and a good responce throttle.

I viewed that this Land area is desert... no one have a Land? :mad:

See you!
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