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As a new user, (and a new Unimog owner) i´d thought i´d
present myself to the people using this board!

It does´nt seem like there´s so many of you, but here in
Sweden there is NOONE to talk mog to.

I´m a 25 year old guy ho just bought my first mog, but
i have been wanting one for over ten years, and searching
for one for more than a year. The perfect example came
up, and i bought it. Unfortunatly it does´nt run very
vell, but i hope that a "civilian ignition" a fuel pump repair kit, and some other stuff vill fix that!

I live in Sweden and there are not so many Unimog´s
around here, the most offroading is done with smaller
veichles like Jeep´s ...

Here are some pics of my mog.

My Unimog is an 404.1 built in 1970. It has only 25000 km on it, and has served as a firetruck til 1995. It has an orginal winch type A mounted in front.

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Nice rig... If your looking for a lot of tech and others from your area... try A word of advice, follow the rules of the board there and you'll feel very welcome. Welcome to ORC by the way.

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hey man!!
well, I am also in sweden and I am about to buy a mog!
I will be glad if you can give me some advises!!

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