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Hi amp alternator for 304

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I need a high amp alternator to replace the weak one on my 304 in a 76 cj7. Has anyone else done this and what are the best prices and models that people have found. All the ones I have found are well over $300 and I am hoping to not have to spend that much. My OE one is crap.

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I just did this with my 79 CJ-7. It had the factory low amp alternator and I upgraded to a 100 amp from a 198?? Chevy ElCamino with A/C. The way I got mine was by taking it into the parts store (AutoZone) and matched the case size and clocking of the case with another alternator that put out 100 amps. I can't remember what exact year it fit but it cost $70.00.
Hope this helps. If you have trouble finding the right one I will see if mine has the numbers still on it and let you know.


Lots of mid 1980 GM 4 cyl (yes 4 bangers) had a 94 amp delco that matches the CJ alternator exactly. They will be stamped 94a on housing
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I went to my local autoparts store, and they sent it to a rebuilder who used the same case, but changed it inside. It was also a 100 amp unit, it only took about three hours to get it back, and it ran about $80.

76 cj7 304.

Go back to Dec 23 and look for the Delco Alternator Upgrade article.

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I have a 160 amp alternator on my cj-7 with a 350 that I got from a junkyard for $10. It is a Leece-Neiville from a semi truck. They are VERY well built...they are expected to last 300-400 thousand miles! It took about 1 hour to fab new brackets to my V belt sytem. It is a 1 wire type design...very easy to hook up! I also run a 100 amp stock chevy with this on the other side of my engine block...with an idler pulley in between.

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I have a 120 Delco in mine. I did have to make an adapter for the plug

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