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If your buddy is planning on offroading with you, there is more that you need to know BEFORE he goes out on the trails. The most important is his Idler Arm Must be braced, its the weakest point on the steering. You can make your own with 2 pieces of L2X2X1/4" and drill three holes(see Pic)
Also watch out for your center link, tie rod ends as they will need to be replaced every once in a while 1-2 years unless your driving hard. Ball joints, and CV's are next in the line of weak points and need to be monitored. Most of these should be fine if your running Max 31's and 3" lift. Also look into protecting the oil pan, its out in the open and just waiting for a rock. But get that Idler Arm braced for sure!!!

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Hey man thanks, really appreciate that. We were up in the snow today and he was having some trouble in some of my ruts and that sterring wheel was gettin a workout. I will relay that to him. he will be thankfull too. Thanks agina
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