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Hey guys, hows it going. My name is Cole and i'm new to the forums. I am 16 and am a new driver of course, and am looking to purchase a Ford Ranger for my first car. One reason why I want a Ford Ranger is because of the capability for me to transform it into a prerunner (But still street legal of course). The problem is, I have not a clue on what to do! So, I thought maybe I could start off by askin what kind of transmission I need for a prerunner, before I actually buy my truck. I know for racing and performance, a manual transmission is the way to go. But, being a new driver, im not so willing to have to drive on the streets and in traffic with a manual transmission, atleast until I'm more of an experienced driver. So, I would like to know it will still be a good idea to fix a Ford Ranger up like a prerunner with an automatic transmission. My truck is going to be used, and the engine old and im only going to have it for about 3 years, not long enough to do a bunch of engine work on it. So I'm just aiming for the looks of a prerunner, and the suspension of one.

So, let me know, and I will have a much better time deciding on a manual or auto transmission. Thank you

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roll cage, good seats and seat belts. neck brace.
chain down motor mounts, transfer case if you are running 4x4.

since you are so young, everything that you do to your truck. always keep safety the first thing in your mind.

I can't help you with the pre running part, I am a rock crawler. I go 5 mph at the most on the trail. ok maybe 20 now and then.

you will be going 60 and above. multiple rolls are a possibility. make sure you stay in the truck, a stock seat will flex enough that your seat belts won't keep you planted.
make sure that all tools, fire extinguishers, anything is very secure. when running, wear a helmet.
you don't want all your safety equipment to fail because you got killed by a wrench or tool box hitting you.

do a search, watch some of the movies on youtube, get an idea of what you are getting into.

don't ever let your friends talk you into doing anything that you are not comfortable with.

practice, drive the area slow first, then faster, learn how to handle the unexpected before you go all out.

you will not be a driver untill you have a few years.. yes, years of driving under your belt.

oh,, and when building stuff for your truck. THINK,.. you can use the roll cage to make the frame take what you are going to do to it.

remember always, you can build another truck, but you can't replace your self.
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