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Well I have identified the problem with the play on my clutch, unfortunately my clutch master cylinder has bit the dust. It is leaking oil on the inside of the firewall and my guess is that the seal is shot. I guess I cant get the clutch to work properly because the master cylinder is air bound, and I had no luck bleeding it. I dont know if you guys can pick those up anywhere but up here in canada only chrysler sells them and quite frankly they dont give them away(250). Would you have any ideas about rebuilding the cylinder ( they dont sell kits up here ) Im hoping there is a quick fix it for the problem. and one last question? is replacing the master cylinder a difficult job?? thanks again for your help. (1994 yj 4 liter} ACE


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Re: hey CJ-Clutch Mstr. Cyl.

/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif This is just a thought, but you may be able to find that through [email protected] those people have a good parts suppply. Changing the master cylinder is absurdly easy, and one of the few things that a real novice can do. There will be bleeding instructions with the new kit or the new cylinder...follow them carefully and you'll be OK./wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif Oh/wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif and one more thing. That leaking fluid will take paint off whatever it touches, so mop it up NOW if you don't want a mess./wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif

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