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Hey. I think that i once heard the Chuck Hadley was runnin an overdrive and a PTO off of his spicer 18. I want to run the same. Anyone have an idea on the adapter? Advanced has the blueprints, but will not fabricate. They said they gave a copy of the plans to someone to build their own. Help.

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Advanced makes an adapter to run a PTO and Overdrive. Part # are,
Koenig, # 911233
Ramsey #911234
My catalog is older so it's possible it has been discontinued, but with the part #'s I would try again.
Good Luck. Nickmil.


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Travis -

Hey - this is Chuck Hadley speaking... :) Anyway, yes, I have the adapter, and I do run a Dana 18 with Warn OD on my CJ-7. I was going to put a Koenig 8000# pto winch on as well, but after 4 years of hard-core wheeling (if you don't believe it - you should see my Jeep...) I decided that electric is just too much easier to use to warrant all of the trouble.

I thought long and hard about the decision to not go with the PTO. I wanted the PTO because it is virtually unstoppable, but I think that had I had an unstoppable winch, there are several instances I can recall when someone would have gotten hurt had the winch not finally given out. When it's Sunday night at 9 PM and you are still over a mile from the trailhead let alone a 5 hour drive home, you get disgusted, and you will hold the winch button down no matter what happens. Luckily, it has been my experience that the winch motor overheats before somone gets killed.

Anyway, enough of that soap box - I've just learned alot, about Jeeping and myself on these trips, and like to help others not make the same mistakes.

The PTO winch is now going on my new Jeep project, a nice, stock, CJ-2A. So, I put the adapter up for sale about 2 weeks ago for $200 and people are beating the door down to get it! (You turkeys, I had it out there for $300 and everybody acted like I was insane!) ANYWAY...mine is the one that was built from blueprints. It is milled out of solid billet aluminum rather than the originals, which were cast aluminum. This is not some schlock job, this thing is a work of art and ought to be in a Jeep museum...

So, I am expecting a deposit form one person. If that does not come, another guy would like to take it as a trade for something he has that I really want. Failing that, I guess it's back on the market again...

Maybe I should take it somewhere and have it scanned in or something so the blueprints don't get lost - this fits up perfect. Also, you would not believe how simple the guts are - it's basically one little gear and a nut!

As long as all of you PTO guys are reading this, I would like to get my hands on an 8000# Ramsey PTO that fits nicely on a CJ-2A. I am using a Ramsey dual lever PTO drive on the transfer case that drives the farm impliments out the back and a winch on the front. I decided the hell with the OD on the 2A - it would have shoved the PTO ****ers back farther than I would have liked. On my CJ-7, though, the winch shifter would have ended up right between the seats. - Chuck

Chuck Hadley

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If you guys decide to make the adapter but can't find the gear, R&P 4 WD Parts Inc. has a couple of
NOS drive gears still available. Unfortunately they don't have the adapters. They can be reached at 503-557-8911.

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