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How much did it take to cover the tub of a jeep for those you who did it???...Also did you remove every bolt in th bottom of the tub or did you go over them???...Just looking for some basic hints on how to do herculiner...

Josh Lavalleur
'70 CJ5 4.6L V6
D27 & D44 axles
T-14 3-speed, D18 XC, Warn OD
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I used 1 gallon and it was plenty. I only removed the bolts that are necessary for mounting things to the tub(seats,seatbelts,console,rollbar,etc.)

You will have plenty with 1 gallon.

1985 CJ7 4.2L, T-176, Dana 300, 2.5" lift, 32"BFG MT, Durabak On-Board Air
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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