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I have to rewire my CJ and I am completely lost because the previos owner did some mods on the system and now I have complete rats nest to deal with.
Should I cut all the wires at the electronic control unit and the fuse box andf start over? I am tryng to avoid a 400.00 rewiring kit.
Does anybody know where I can find a really detailed schematic?

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mmmm... what are you going to run with? keeping the computer? haynes has decents diagrams.. but i teach this stuff.. so i kinda know what i am looking at.. if you are doing the whole thing.. take it out and lay it out, will make it easier.. unplug it from the firewall.. that comes apart in two, inside and outside, then unscrew the fuse box..and unplug everything else.. and just lay it out, and use a diagram... i have used the haynes and has worked for me.. has the right colors and all.. so it should be kinda easy.. just time consuming..

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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