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To make a clickable website (url), here's what it basically looks like:
(url)put web site address here(/url) the only thing is that you must replace the ( & ) with [ & ]

Here's the entire list of markup that you can do with this BBS...


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Excellent response.
Will only add to LEADER that we cannot show you on the screen EXACTLY what you should write, beause if we do, it will make that thing happen. It is a command that you need to write, and if we write the command then it happens, and you will not see what we wrote. You will instead see the result of the command that we wrote and not the command itself. That's why the comments have been made - do it this way and leave out the space, or do it this way and replace "(" with "[". Click on that link that Tim included in his post. Should be self explanatory from there.

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