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Help with swapping 302 EFI to 302 carbed-89 FSB

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My 18-year-old grandson decided to sell his good running 85 ranger and buy an 89 FSB. It ran for about a month, though barely, and then started to run really bad. He made it home and it died. We spent 2 weeks checking and replacing sensors and filters etc. Finally got it cranked again on about 4 or 5 cylinders. Engine is gummed up really bad inside and very noisy. I think the cam lobes and rod bearings are very worn.
A friend of mine has a 302 with an Edlebrock intake. He built the engine to put in a Ranger to run in mud. He didn't like the low-end torque, so he is changing to a larger engine. We are buying the engine for $150.00 complete with intake and headers. I have a few questions that I still need help on. I feel that replacing the EFI with a carb is going backwards, but the price is right for my grandson. We are going to use a Holley 600 for the carb as we already have it. We are going to use a Druaspark II ignition with vacuum distributor.

1. I plan on using the low pressure pump in the tank and bypass the high pressure pump on the frame rail. Will this work? If so, do I have to run a return line to the fuel tank?

2. Any suggestions for the accelerator cable and kick down linkage?

3. Will a 351W distributor work in the 302?

My grandson realizes he made a bad mistake not checking the Bronco out more even though it was only $800.00. He is 18 and the thought of driving a FSB was more than he could overcome.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give us on this swap.
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Ditto on keeping EFI! Swap the long block. This is a very good site on Ford EFI:

Good luck!
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