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Help with swapping 302 EFI to 302 carbed-89 FSB

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My 18-year-old grandson decided to sell his good running 85 ranger and buy an 89 FSB. It ran for about a month, though barely, and then started to run really bad. He made it home and it died. We spent 2 weeks checking and replacing sensors and filters etc. Finally got it cranked again on about 4 or 5 cylinders. Engine is gummed up really bad inside and very noisy. I think the cam lobes and rod bearings are very worn.
A friend of mine has a 302 with an Edlebrock intake. He built the engine to put in a Ranger to run in mud. He didn't like the low-end torque, so he is changing to a larger engine. We are buying the engine for $150.00 complete with intake and headers. I have a few questions that I still need help on. I feel that replacing the EFI with a carb is going backwards, but the price is right for my grandson. We are going to use a Holley 600 for the carb as we already have it. We are going to use a Druaspark II ignition with vacuum distributor.

1. I plan on using the low pressure pump in the tank and bypass the high pressure pump on the frame rail. Will this work? If so, do I have to run a return line to the fuel tank?

2. Any suggestions for the accelerator cable and kick down linkage?

3. Will a 351W distributor work in the 302?

My grandson realizes he made a bad mistake not checking the Bronco out more even though it was only $800.00. He is 18 and the thought of driving a FSB was more than he could overcome.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give us on this swap.
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Thanks for the reply.
The reason for using the Duraspark II is I have the complete wiring harness on an 83 Bronco that we are using parts from. It would be nice to use the DUI ignition, but unfortunately funding for this project doesn't cover the cost.
It is my understanding that the AOD transmission, unlike the AODE, is not computer controlled. Am I wrong? If so, I will pull the C6 from the 83 and use it.
I have had a Holley carb on the two Broncos that I have owned and the Jeep that I have now. Other than using the manual choke to suck trash out of the metering block about once a year, I haven't had any problems with them. Thanks for recommending the Edlebrock. Again cost will require that we use the Holley that we already have.
Are you saying that I can not use the low pressure pump in the fuel tank in its present configuration to supply fuel to the Carb? If so, please explain why not so I will know.
Again thanks for your help.

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Very good advice and I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I don't know what cam my friend put in the engine when he rebuilt it. I will ask him later today. He also has a 91 5.0 HO engine that he removed from a Lincoln Mark VII. It is MAF but he doesn't have the intake or wiring harness.
Your suggestion has me thinking now. Keeping the EFI would be cheaper and less hassle. My grandson is a pretty good mechanic, but like me clueless about EFI before now. This has been a learning experience for both of us.
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