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I've got an 88 yj that I bought, stripped, blasted, and ready to start builing from the ground up.... never drove it. I need some help identifying the springs (not sure if it had lift or not , I think maybe, they certainly weren't sagged and I'm thinking of reusing them on my spring over Back springs are 5 leaf, fronts are 4. The arch in the springs is 7 inches when they are out of the vehicle. 1.5 inch eyes in them and they have small pieces of plastic between the ends of all the leafs which have oblong holes in them that a same size button of the plastic fits through to hold them to hold the plastic pieces in place. Can anyone help with this? Are they oem or aftermarket???Kind of a bad description but the best I can do after a hard days work.

Thanks in advance

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I don't think anyone would be able to give you any info from that. Springs are hard to ID. Your only hope would be some pics and exact measurements. And the odds are slim even then.
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