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Help with Mods

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I was wondering if I should get the Boysenen Pro series Reeds with the stock valve or if I should go with the whole FMF ram valve and the reeds that come with it? I do a lot of trail riding, so I need low end power and don't need the top speed. One more question, do you think it's a good idea to move my needle to the 4th groove and put in a #250 for the main jet with the adjustments mentioned above.
This a 2000 Blaster.

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I would change the whole reed valve. but not to the fmf. i would go with the boysen ram valve. the boysen has a smoother power flow then the fmf. about the jetting, if you are not opening the air box or adding a pipe there is no need to mess with the jetting. and while you are at it get yourself a hinson reed spacerkit. this will help you throttle responce and bottom end.

I am adding 9 filtered air vents to the box, what
should I do about the jetting? I was thinking on a
#240 main jet, with the needle on the third notch.
Thanks for responding

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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