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Help with installing front lockright

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I just bought a couple of lockrights. The rear went in fine but the front is a bit of a problem. The ring gear is in the way of the cross-pin, so I cant get the spider gears out.
My question is, can I remove the ring gear carefully with out screwing up anything else? I don't really want to pay $200 to have the gears set up.
It it is a 91 YJ with a 4cyl and 4:10 gears.


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I'm guessung that you have 4.10 or lower gears? Well this really isn't too big a problem, you can install this locker your self. You'll need to pull out your carrier assembly-the thing the ring gear is bolted to. When you do this you need to mark your bearing caps and keep the left and right one seperated so that you install them exactly as you took them out. You'll also need to keep track of any shims that may have been between the bearings and the housing. When you pull your carrier you might have to pry it out(it helps if you have one person pry it out while another acts as catcher to keep it from popping out and onto the ground. Keep track of the shims that fall out when you do this and place them back exactly as they were when you put it all together again. Next you'll have to unbolt you ring gear and take it off to install your locker. put the ring gear back on and use lock tite if it doesn't have lock tabs on the ring gear bolts. Bolt everything back up and torque everything back to specs and you should be good to go. As long as you reinstall the shims and bearing caps back in their original place the gear set up won't be affected. One last thing on some Jeeps I've worked on I have had to remove the tie rod to allow the carrier to be taken out. Don't turn it or mess with it and reinstall exactly as it was and your alignment should be fine. Hope this helps.

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I don't know a lot about differentials, but I've heard that if the number of teeth on the ring is evenly
divisible by the teeth on the pinion, that you need to be sure to get the same pinion tooth between the
same ring teeth to maintain the wear pattern. If it is not evenly divisible, there is no problem since every
pinion tooth engages every ring tooth. Any truth to this?

yes they are call hunting and non hunting gears. hunting gears usually have markings indicating a starting mesh point. i still mark them myself jic. most all gear sets produced today are non hunting. this was originally done due to the lack of gear grinding technology back in the fifties. it was easier to match a limited number of teeth to each other, rather than insuring all teeth will mesh properly. there is more to it, but that is the quickest way to explain it.

best wishes this turkey day.
why is there no mazda thread?
I feel left out.:p
Hey YJ Guy-- do you have the front axle vacuum disconnect--dana 30 axle?
Are you sure you will be able to drive with the locker in the front axle if you do have the vacuum disconnect? I've heard it creates a lot of problems. Just thought I'd pass this info along , let me know if it doesn't create problems. i've wanted a locker in my 89 Yj for years but didn't want to fork out for the ARB.
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jun11 on this site.
Yeah, a full locker in your vac. dissconnect YJ front axle will eventually screw up the yokes on the driver's side axle shaft. it ovals out the holes where the u-joint goes into the yokes, eventually causing failure. This is what I've always been told. I'm saving for an ARB myself.

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Thanks for the help, I will be installing the locker one night this week. I will post how it handles on the road. It is supposed to snow off and on all week here in Ottawa. It will be interesting!

Thanks again,

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