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I need help converting my vaccum disconect front axle to a manual front end. I am looking for info on how to make one like the BDS Rock Lock.
Thanks for any info


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Hey Rick,
Going to a cable actuated axle disconnect will give you an option of having a 2wd low range. However, I've found that the most trouble with these axles (I have one in my 1986 XJ) is the collar itself moreso than the vacuum motor. The collar has a tendency to get stuck on the splines and thereby leaving the axle either stuck in the 4wd or 2wd mode. What I've done to prevent this from happening is to lubricate the shift collar every year. Since I've started doing this; my front axle gives me no problems shifting into or out of 4wd. /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

Best of Luck,
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