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Hi I am looking for advice for good Beach Tires.

I have Kodiak 5500 4x4. My truck and camper loaded weighs 17,000. (GVW of truck 19,200). The current tires are 245/70/r19.5 load range G. I asked others how a load rated "G"----19.5" tire when "Aired down" would handle the beach
sand...The consences is they know of No One running 19.5 load rated "G" tires running the beach because the side walls are so stiff they do NOT squart to give you the additional "FootPrint" you need to go over the sand.

The beach is Sandy Neck on the Cape 65 miles away.

Thanks for your advice

> joe

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Hard to say, you might just have to try it.

I've got a much smaller truck - a Suburban with a Cummins in it, loaded around 9.5K, runs 35x12.5x16.5 BFG mud terrains, and I never really air down. I've been able to take it on fine beach sand, and she just plows on through. Fully locked though, which makes a big difference. Might want to check with the turtle expedition, they're running a large truck too, might even want to check with the tire manufacturer for some tips.
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