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Hang on tight...I've got a lot of questions...
I'm thinking of buying a CJ5 - it's got very low mileage on a 3 speed stick i6, and seems to run 100% - my main concerns are RUST! The body is rusting all over the place. I know I can get replacement/repair panels, but if the frame is going to rust out too, then is it worth it? Also there seems to be a ton of surface rust on the motor and stuff - is this a huge concern?
Emergency brake isn't working. Is this going to be a black hole that I throw money into, or is it a simple mechanism that I'll be able to work through? Don't really care, but I need it for inspection.
Other than that, it needs a blower motor, some new seats, and some TLC...
Is it worth it? Will I be sorry? I need a project, and I need a Jeep, so why not a project Jeep? :)

I know I'll need to put some money into it, but I can get it pretty cheap (like $1300)


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Do it! My CJ5 was full of rust too until the first rollover then I didnt feel so bad about rolling a nice clean body 3 or 4 times down a dune. Surface rust can be converted with rust converter and painted right over and welders were created to fix frames. regular inspection is the key and when your mates complain about 'This scratch' or 'That ding', just keep driving.
soak the E brake in oil and it'll free up enough to pass inspection and throw your money into the most worthy project of your life.

Oh and PS Lifes too short too be sorry!

I'll go first!

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if the frame is still salvagable at this point then look into a new tub and one piece front clip and you are then the owner of a $3000 - 4000 jeep that runs " 100% "

I just purchased a 1980 cj7 hardtop and doors($2000)new bumpers, fresh tf999 and dana 300 ) with surface rust and 2 motors 1 360 in need of rebuild and a 258 in good condition but it sat a long time.

i think i came upon a great deal

emergency brake is generally an easy fix

all loved vehicles are black holes

worth it ? to me yes
be sorry ? sometimes

project jeep sounds great
of course im bias as im starting the same thing

good luck

im replacing plugs, wires, distributer cap, etc.. things that were affected by moisture and time and i expect it to run quite well .

[email protected],


1980 CJ7 75% completed
1969 Early Bronco 40% completed

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We have a 79 CJ7 and we found out that if you are any good at welding you can cut the rust out and replace it cheap by using the panels off of old Maytag dryers it is the same thickness and easy to work with. Also you can find these at almost any appliance store and they most of the time are glad to have someone take them.
Ours has been in for almost 2 years with no problem.
Good Luck and Enjoy


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I recently purchased the 2 rear e-brake cables for my '78 cj5 for about $35, the front cable is $17 at 4wd hardware.

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