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help what,s wrong

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My front wheel on the drivers side is wearing fast on the inside. I have rotated
often but have the same problem with each wheel. How do you tell if the ball jounts are bad. I have done just about every thing else with no help. If I travel at 60 mph the front wheel shakes back and forth. I feel it in the steering wheel and the entire column moves a little. I know the bearings are new and I feel no movement when jacked up with pulling on the wheel. I have 31 by 10.5 tires which I know will wear out all parts faster. I have plans to increase size to 32 by 11.5 or 33 by 12.5 mudders soon as these trail tires have pasted there prime. This has been going on with the front end since I have had the Jeep even with 30 inch tires. New parts for info includes new shackels, new tie rods
ends, new sway bar with poly, new bearings, new tires, balanced,and new u jounts at the ends of the axels. I only have the ball jounts and front end allinement left that I can think of. Any help would be great.

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Go have it aligned. They'll tell you if the ball joint6s are bad. Or if yoy want to check yourself just jack it up untill the tire comes off the goround a little. The stick a pry bar under it and lift up to check for play. If there is no movement in the ball joints then I'd venture to say your axle is bent.

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Sounds like drag link/ tie rod ends on the shaking going down the road.

Do like the last guy said, jack the tire just an inch or two off the ground, then stick a pry bar under it.
See if you can get the wheel to move in and out at the top or bottom.
If it moves, the ball joints are shot.

While one tire is off the ground, shake the wheel front to rear.
Grab on to it at the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions, and see if you can move it.
If you can, the tie rod ends or drag link is shot...

Is your steering wheel off center?
If it is, it's time for a good four wheel alignment anyway.
Four wheel alignments go for about $100 around here, and it's well worth the money.

If you have done anything like changed the pitman arm, gone SOA, or anything like that, you may want to talk to the alignment guy first so he knows what's up.

Good luck, and happy hunting...

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The tie rod ends have been replaced. I knew the test for the pulling on the tire
and had no movement. I just tried the jacking up and sticking a pry bar under it
and it has no movement. In the process of checking the ball jounts I have noticed the bearings are loose now and I had recently checked this. I will check for wear and retighten them. This problem has come and gone over time as I replaced things. I have to admit maybe this is many different things that have been corrected and then wore something else out. I trail ride at least once a week and sometimes 3 or 4 times.

On the 4 wheel alignment I don't think that's possible with a AMC20 leaf spring setup. They truly have no way to correct rear axel alignment, I may be wrong. I just need to go and get this done.

I read lots of great information on this site but rarely post or reply. When I
ask I have always had the correct answer and truly appreciate the help. I have also replied to some of the questions when I feel my input is different or no one else has replied.

Thanks again to the truly great ones on this site. You know who you are {there's about 10 of you}. Keep up the great help.

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