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hey guys,
i usually frequent the SWB board but this one is for you all- i hope. I have a 96 ZJ (318/q-track) and it has started making a whistle like sound at the front end. i am not exactly sure where it is coming from (motor or axle assembly). it doesnt sound like anything i have heard before and it started soon after the dealer replaced my front rotors on a recall. i know its tough w/o hearing but thought it may be a known problem.??
it generally doesnt start until i reach about 25mph and doesnt stop when i reach high speeds. it doesnt always act up just about half the time.?? it slowly fades out as i idle to a stop but isnt really effected by braking. i am calling the dealer that replaced the rotors in the a.m. but sometimes they are as much help as a three legged hunting dog, and i figure you all would be the most help. thanks to all read this.

77 cj5 sorta, V8, 4"lift, 33's, lotsa miss'n metal
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