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My CJ has a Dauntless 225 that is probably on it's last leg. Low compression on #4 Cylinder, loud crank knocking on cold start-up. I'm curious about the GM 231, is it a bolt in application? Are there better bolt in options that can be upgraded e.g., HEI ignition, TBI or other fuel injection options? Also it has a Dana 27A front end. I'm looking to upgrade to disc brakes. I've heard that if I get a Dana 30 from a 76 or newer CJ w/disc brake setup, all I need to do is change the drag link, and put in a proportioning valve. Any ideas? Suggestions?

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I recently replaced my Buick 225 with a Buick 252/4.1L. It's availability was '80-'84 in various Buicks/Olds/Cadillacs. The motor will mount to the motor mounts and tranny. You will probably need to get a new flexplate/flywheel that's balanced properly for the even-fire engine. Your best bet would be a complete '79-'80 231/3.8L Buick V-6 found in Buick/Pontiac/Oldsmobile cars and get all manifolds, carb, distributor, brackets, accessories and anything else that makes the complete engine. Then if it's worn, swap the block for a rebuilt from either GM Goodwrench or engine exchange company. '79 was when the tall port heads were introduced which gave significant power gains over previous years. '81 is when computer controlled carb and distributor showed up, so '79-'80 are the prime targets for complete packages. If you find an '81 or newer engine, just get a carb and distributor from a late '77, (early '77's were still odd-fire) thru '80 model. Edelbrock makes a 4 bbl Performer intake for the '79 and newer engines. Beware, in around '87, Buick started making a 231/3.8L FWD engine that will not work for a RWD/4WD application. I think the 231/3.8L RWD engine is still produced for the Firebird. Check out the Jeepster site for more info. Oh yes, if you're willing to cut some metal to move the radiator forward appx. 6", you could also drop in a Buick 350 V-8. Same mounts as the V-6. Either way, you'll need to put a higher capacity core in your existing radiator. Not sure of the specifics on the Dana 30 front, but my Dana 27 was converted to Disk brakes. Not sure whether Ford or GM parts were used for the conversion. If you don't presently have power brakes, you'll need to come up with a booster or it'll be real difficult to stop. I've been told that similiar vintage Mustangs and T-birds use the same booster that Jeep did then.

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