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Help the New Guy

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Have a 69 with 225 V6, TH400 and a GM 2 Jet Rochester carb. I haven't had the vehicle that long so I haven't figured out all of it's secrets. I have noticed that it's a little tough to get started. By this I mean you have to keep feeding it gas. You have to pump the pedal 4 or 5 times to get it cranked. I'm in Texas, and it's not cold or anything like that. When I first got it the carb. was belching gas over the top like a geiser. I pulled the top half off the carb and B-12 the heck out of everything and checked the float. I quess the needle had stuck and it was just blowing gas through the vent tube. Anyway, put it back together and it did fine, but still had to pump the heck out of it to get started. Even when the motor was warm you had to feather the accelerator pedal to get it cranked and running. This afternoon I went out to work on the rig and pumped the pedal 4 or 5 times and then when I started cranking, it turned over about twice and then backfired so loud that it rung my ears and sounded like a high powered rifle. Scared the s--t out of me. I checked to see what had blown up, but everything looks fine. Muffler is not bulged, nor did it blow the air cleaner off. I was kind of disgusted so I left it alone. Went back out a little while ago and thought I would try and crank it again. First, I gave it no gas and it just turned over and over with no attempt to fire. Then I pumped the gas 2 or 3 times and still no attempt. Any suggestions would help. Just recently replaced coil, points and condenser. Was running fine except the carb. starting problems. Please help.
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You pretty much answered your question in your post.
How about replacing the carb?
Seems like all your problems are there.
It probably has a bad accelerator pump in it, and sounds like its gummed up. Replace or rebuild it.
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