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I have a 94 banshee and i just picked up 2 wheels and tires for the rear for about 190. I bought .160 rims 10x8 and holeshots 22x11x10 and i have no issues with ground clearance at all. We ride in some rocky terain up here in Minnesota/Wisconsin and they hook up very well and are sturdy. As far as a mod for the warrior, I would recommend tires that have more bite...the stockers on all these machines SUCK!!!!! Pipe will make a good difference. I would look at the t-4 however they are spendy. As far as a dedicated site...hmmm have seen many banshee sites, but not alot of warrior sites. I would recommend just hashing around, that is how I came up with the kickin sites I have. Try checking they seem to have a good amount of info for ya.


1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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