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i was wondering if anyone has installed a stage one lift kit before on a 97 ranger. and should i have my friend who is a good mechanic for a living, but has never put a lif in anything and says he could do it easily.Or should I just pay to do it.
I can get a camgerg 5.5" w/bent I-beams, 5.5"coils,cust. radius arms, 4 5100 bilstien shocks, align cams, the braided brake lines, and I also get the option of add a leaf or blocks.which should I go with?This is all for $1195+taxw/OUT installation.
My other option is to go to P.D.C and get a 4" in the front wfabtec parts, but the only parts I get is 4" coils, radius arms, bent I-beams, my brake lines, and 4 fabtec shocks.this out the door installed is costing $875.00.And I get nothing for my rear.
Basically I need to know if the expertice is needed for the proper installation of either of these kits I described?And which kit is more worth it overall.

Thanx Jason
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It sounds like that first kit is the better of them, and not much more money
Its doable, itll just take atleast 6 hours, and youll need to do n alignment afterwards. Id just install it yourself, its not that hard to do, and plus, youll have both front and rear done then.
Thanks for giving suggestions everyone who looked at this post. Well we went with camburg performance kit in the front end. We have not yet done the rear but we will be going with the deaver pack from camburg. We ended up paying camburg to do the install. total for the front end was about 2,500.
Thanks Camburg, we are very satisfied customers.

we were given some very good advice from someone in a chat. he said to spend the buck and do it right the first time even if it means driving around on small rims and tires
well we did the best we could do for the money available and were still able to get cheap rims and good tires(bridgestonendesert dualers). i know they're not the best for offroading but good enough for the money we had. thanks for the "2" suggestions we did get.
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update on our 97 ranger

Well we did the front then 1 week later we did the back. We got the deaver pach and bilstine 5100 shocks. We cut off our exhaust and are getting a second cat. Next to come is going to be a full body cage. If your woundering about the exhaust,,, camburg told us to do this. This is how their race truck is.
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