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Im swapping in a D44 and D60 from an 84? J20 into my YJ.... I plan
on using the steering from a full sized Wago or J truck and adapting it
into my YJ. The brakes I plan on swapping (buying new but using) 3/4
ton J20 brakes... What all would i need for this? Should i trust my old brake
line or replace it too? Also Im not sure but im thinking I might have a
problem with the pumpkin being where a spring pad needs to be. I plan on
runnning these SUA for the time being. Thanks for all your help.


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If its not too far off...often you need to grind down part of the pumpkin for a foot holding for the spring pad...I ground a flat surface into about 3 inches of my chevy front end on my jeep.


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are you narrowing the axles Dustin?

you need

a welder, some grinders, lots of fabricating skills

if you shorten the front axle you can get the spring pad off of the front diff
if the brake lines will fit ( they probably will) then reuse them if they are long enough

the steering should be pretty easy to make work

I still think you woul dbe ok with Dana 44s since you have an Automatic though!.

how did it go this weekend?

NW Arkansas, need a CJ rear seat
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