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This is not a troll, but a plea for the combined wisdom available.
As a brief introduction, which for the benefit of the moderators has also been lodged under new arrivals, I'm a 33yr year old former officer in the UK's armed forces, recently retired due to a traumatic head injury, some might say that was an unfitting end to a promising career, I'd say it's a fitting beginning to working in industry supporting those in the job I love, for the country that I also love. Speaking of love, I love all things rapid (and all things leggy and blonde), especially in an environment where her majesty's police don't feel the need to arrest me!
As I now have to survive in the civilian world, I thought it would be a good idea to obtain an MBA so future employers could couple my proven leadership ability (that sounds like I have a massive head, I don't) with business ability.
As the final project in my MBA program my cohort has been tasked with analysing procurement decisions made by their firms, so I decided to look at the vehicles that my old firm (the British Army) purchased under unique operational requirements to provide logistics and mobility in the war on terror.
As a baseline comparison to the vehicles upgraded or bought by the MOD (WMIK/MWMIK which was a Landover mounted with weaponry followed by a larger 4wd with weapons, both bogged down with armor which made sure they couldn't be used off road where it was very hard to plant IED's/mines, SPRINGER, which was an armored TOMCAR and ATV's which though they had left hand throttles also had counter IED electrics etc etc etc weighing them down), I'd like to look at how easy and effective a crowd sourced vehicle would've been to manufacture and supply. As such I have drawn up a spec sheet, would you be good enough whether the following vehicle can be constructed and if it can, for what cost?
( )
I should note before I start I'm looking for a sandrail/dunebuggy steel tube design not modified truck design.
Crew 2, expandable to 4
Terrain to be travelled: rock strewn desert, gravel, pasture
Dimensions: 1.55m Height x 1.55m Width x 5m MAX Length (Width and height are constant, length can vary if all other criteria are met)
Cargo area: 1.5m x max width
Cargo Load: 1000kg
Gearbox: Automatic
Speed: 6o MPH loaded
Engine: Petrol or Diesel (Race developed fuel cells means there is no real difference in explosive risk)
Drive: 2WD or 4WD?
Range: 600 miles via tanks supported outboard of the chassis between the vehicle wheels or on-board

Thanks in advance for any and all your help.
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