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Help: Is a little coolant loss okay?

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Hey foks,

I'm experiencing a very slow, loss of coolant in my 85CJ/258. I'd say about every month or so I need to pour about 1/2 pint to a pint of coolant in my reservoir. This is my daily driver--about 100 miles or so per week and it has 115K miles on the original engine.

I can't find any leakage, there's no puddle or drips anywhere and I don't see it in the oil when I change it. Where does it go? Should I just relax and keep an eye on it?

Any theories would be greatly appreciated.


'85 CJ7/258
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yea you are ok temporarily./wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif
you should check around the water pump,thermostat,top and bottom rad hoses and heater hoses./wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif
it's going somewhere!
sometimes my cars use water and i don't see any leaks either.
also check your overflow hose to the reservoir.
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Don't sweat that small of an amount of coolant...

If it doesn't show up in the oil, don't worry about it too much.
Let the jeep sit overnight some night, then crack the drain plug, and put a glass jar under it.
If no anti-freeze shows up in the jar, the coolant is probably venting outside of the engine.

You may try changing the radiator cap. If the cap leaks, it will discharge small amounts of moisture.
You may also be loosing small amounts of coolant from the connections to the overflow tank.

Good luck, Aaron.

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