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help identify one piece axles - zert fitting?

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If you've read my other posts, you know I've lost the rear axle bearing. 78 cj5 narrow track. I installed one piece axles in early 1998, so I have NO CLUE what brand they are. From talking with the guys at 4wd hardware, I'm sure they aren't MOSER, or the 4wd Hardware models.

Anybody know any distingquishing characteristics of your brand of axle?

The one thing that jumps out to me is the zert fitting behing the axle flange. The plate that mounts it all to the axle tube (sandwiching the backing plate) seems VERY thick compared to what other brands I've been seeing, and has a zert fitting right in the top of it. Otherwise I'm not seeing any kind of identification.

I've already bought the Moser replacement bearing set, and it's not even close to what I have on there right now.

Any comments??

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My Summer Brothers axles I got back in the 80's has the zerk and beefy plate. If memory serves my right they had tags riveted on the wheel flange (center of lugs) the tags didn't last long. You may want to look for 2 holes for blind rivets on yours it may help identify them.
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