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Help! high frequency vibrations...

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I just had my clutch replaced and now I have a hi freq vibration and I get a rattling type sound from the top of the transfer case, like as if is were the shifter but I dont think it is and I know it didn't do it before the guy replaced the clutch. The vibration exists when power is applied starting at about 30 mph. If I push in the clutch it goes away. Do you think the drive shaft was installed wrong? but if this were the case wouldn't it do it with the even with the clutch in? is it a clutch problem? HELP!

Engine: AMC 360
Tranny: T150
Transfer: Model 20
all else stock, no lift or anything.

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Check and make sure the tranny mount is tight and secure.

DOOHHH! The dude broke off the head of one of the two bolts connecting the mount to the skid plate! Please tell me these bolts dont go into the tranny...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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