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I just got the gears and locker that I ordered from Drivetrain Direct. They arrived just in time for me to install them this weekend. Here is how they screwed me: NO INSTRUCTIONS! When I placed my order I was told that detailed instruction would be included. When I opened everything up there were no instructions. I placed a call to customer service and was told that instructions aren't provided with R&P sets. This is exactly the opposite of what Andrew my salesperson told me. They are supposed to fax me some instructions, but I doubt that they will be complete. I was expecting detailed instructions similar to what other suppliers(Randy's) provide. Can anyone help me out? I won't be able to do the install without a detailed set of instructions.


PS I have a fax machine.

85 CJ7-4.2L,T-176,D300,2.5"lift,32"BFG MT,Durabak,York-Air,HEI
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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