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Hy I just bought a 1973 CJ-5 JEEP,IT has a 6cyl 258 and a DANA 20 transfer,the transfer shifter hangs down and to get it in gear you have to move it around and play with it,It looks like either the transfer or the shifter are from a comando JEEP,the shifter is rond and chrome,it has a white knob with a shifting patern like and H,I would like to know where to get a repairing kit for that shifter,I will apreciate all the information you could give me,thanks.

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I have a Dana 20 out of a 76 Jeep CJ5 and I found everything I needed at two places:
or Novak-Adapt

I bought most from Novak, they are cheaper and can help you on the phone more. They are great people there and really bend over backwards. They have instructions on their website for disassembly/assembly of that case too. The directions were very helpful.
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