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i bought a 79 cj7 with a rebuilt 258 in it and a holley 2 barrel 500 cfm that im sure is way more than my engine needs....on to my problem.
no matter what i do, i cant seem to keep the damm thing running, ive had the carb gone thru, they replced the diaphram and the blow out valve i believe it was and said it was adjusted. worked fine for a little bit and its doing it again, went through and replaced the fuel filters( a little bit dirty) and it was running good again for a couple days and now ITS DOING IT AGAIN!!! what could it be? if i give it gas when its trying to die it runs fine but if i let my foot off the gas for too long it ****s and i have to restart it.. my fuel pump maybe? only think i can think of but than again im still learning about these wonderful things (JEEPS), appreciate all of your help, lord knows i need it,


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definitely sounds like a fuel problem. Make sure none of your vent lines for your gas tank are clogged, or just take off your gas tank cap when the problem starts occuring. I had a problem where my tank couldn't get any air in to replace the gas that is being sucked out, drilled some holes in the cap to temp fix that. Could also be your fuel pump, those usually go all at once though? I'd put a fuel pressure guage in the fuel line to make sure you are on the right track. Maybe take off the gas tank and flush it and the lines too. I know that if my edlebrock 600 gets ANYTHING (junk, dirt etc..) it will just shut off when I take my foot off the pedal.

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I had two fuel pumps go out on me and both were intermittent... they didn't just STOP, but it definately was the fuel pump... So I wouldn't count on fuel pumps just stoping, but that doesn't mean they won't either... ;)

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