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Help!! am i a bad driver?

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Ok here is what happened, is this normal or is something wrong?
In the mud, stock sidekick with 1.6 16 vavle, 205 75 15 inch tires.
let out the clutch just like normal but in 4 wheel high, instead of taking off like normal she starts to take off then she bogs down and just barely moves forward and the rpm's fall to about 100 but she does not stall. vavles have been adjusted, timing set, she has about 180,000 miles on motor, no idea when the last time the oxygen sensor has been changed. is there anything i can do to help this or is the motor to tired? she will go thru the mud and anywhere else in 4wheel low, she will also act this way once and a while in 2 wheel drive climbing a hill, also if it is just my driving please feel free to point this out my last 4x4 was a full size dodge so power was never an issue.
i will entertain any and all suggestions
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The most important indicator of the condition of a motor is the compression. All else is bolt on stuff that
can be dealt with. Whats your compression?

Typically mud requires one of 2 things, finess to keep from spinning and digging in, or or, keep them
spinning to clear the lugs. It kind of depends on your application.
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Just kidden.... No really, check the compresson, it sounds to me that under load its fine, but in high range it's not, sounds like compression to me. Thanks George; 3>>>>>>>> 3
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just to be driffent . sounds like it is just bogging down, you didn't say if you were giving it gas or not ( or i missed it
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I wanna be different!
I had a old bronco that would do that, and it turned out to be the Caddy. Converter. It was just plugged enough to make it run funny every once in a great while.
ok sorry it took so long to reply, Yes i was giving it gas, as a matter of fact i even tried getting the rpms real high and popping the clutch and it did the same thing, 4high or 2wd, 4 low it would do fine, i will be checking the compression tommorrow or this weekend but i have noticed it seams to be bogging down a little all the time now until it gets over 2500 rpm in any gear, when it is acting up if i press the gas pedal down farther it does it acts as if it is starving for fuel so i am going to put a fuel filter in it and check the timing at the cam. but a question if the head gasket is bad wouldn't i notice water in the oil or steam at the tail pipe? i have blown a few in other rigs and when they go it is usually real easy to figue out.
Low compression can be caused by a number of things:

bad rings, = worn out
burnt valves = head job
valves adjusted too tight = adjust them

If you get a low reading squirt some oil in the plug hole and repeat the test. if it comes up, its rings,
(the oil makes a temporary seal) if it doesn't, its valves or head gasket

If you have 2 low cyls adjoining its likely a head gasket

You don't always get tell tail oil in water or vice versa, or out the tailpipe. usually, but not always.

If the compression is good, look at coil, bad wires, bad grounds at dist or bat, carb, etc.
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