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Well, that sucks big time! I've never done this sort of thing before because I've never had to...but isn't the adapter just a piece of metal out with holes cut out to fit studs, bolt holes and shafts? Now, I am no genius, but could this be duplicated easily with a little fore thought? It seems very similar to the Clocking rings in design.

If I am wrong here, someone hit me up aside the head...

1. Find the center of the piece.
2. Drill/cut the hole for the transmission output shaft.
3. Mark all transmission case bolt holes.
4. Drill all transmission case bolt holes.
5. Thread all transmission case bolt holes.
6. Countersink all transmission bolt holes where needed.
7. dry mount transfer case to adapter.
8. Mark all transfer case bolt hole centers.
9. Drill all transfer case bolt holes.
10. Thread all transfer case bolt holes.
11. Countersink all transfer case bolt holes where needes.
12. Insert studs and weld where needed.
13. Grind down all welds where needed.

Heck.. you are finished!

Though the jobs involved it is do-able with a little logic, math and forethough a good compass, string and a little luck and hand tools... not to leave out patience.

Then of course there's Advance Adapters.

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